Is anyone writing or plans to write a book titled "Data Structures and Algorithms in Elixir"?

I wish there was a book or video course titled Data Structures and Algorithms in Elixir or Function Data Structures and Algorithms in Elixir.
I googled and found a course on Packt called Functional Data Structures and Algorithms
but when I further investigated it uses Scala.


Fundamentally a lot of the pure data structures share a lot of the same core theory. I highly recommend


The podcasts will discuss the theses mentioned by @benwilson512 that also exists as a book Purely Functional Data Structures.

Maybe @keathley can tell more about in what episode it will discuss it.

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Hopefully we should be doing a full review in a few weeks. Anna is at CodeBeamSTO this week so we’ll probably be talking about that and following up on some config things (hopefully with some friends of the show :slight_smile:). Ideally it’ll be after that but I can’t promise that since its up to the other hosts to read it XD.