Is Elixir/Phoenix a good choice to creating dating site?

I have worked in Java, PHP, Python, and C# for developing simple websites. This is my first experience working with Elixir/Phoenix and so far it is very promising. I am creating a dating website and hope to launch it in the next few months.

I want to know from y’all, is Elixir/Phoenix a good choice for a dating site?.

My only concern is if I could get developers to help maintain the site in the near future?



It is suitable and personally I enjoy development in Elixir and Phoenix much. You can use it as an API backend with whatever JS framework on the client side too.

As for support, the Elixir community here is the most helpful programming community on earth, so you should have no worries.


Absolutely, quality matters over quantity! :smiley:


You can easily implement realtime (group) dating arrangement using Elixir/Phoenix :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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The mosto important question is: what exactly about your known languages and frameworks makes it so hard to implement what you want that makes you want to switch to Phoenix?

If you don’t have a reason, maybe you should stick with what you know?

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You’re probably right, it’s too tempting to encourage anyone to join the community.^^
I am one of those who chose Elixir, not because of the many advantages that more experienced people can cite, but because I have a lot of fun writing it. And I think that matters too. If Elixir is no worse than another language for a certain job, then I take it. It’s really not fun to work with a language we do not like. But I admit that we do not always have the choice.


@phunsukh1 grindr, a dating app, uses elixir/phoenix as a backend. User presence (who is online), for instance, it’s way easier to implement than in many other ecosystems. They have a talk in youtube I believe. Whatsapp uses erlang, elixir’s secret sauce… I think you’d be in good company :grin::+1:


Yes, I can think of a lot of reasons why Phoenix seems like a good idea for a dating website, but I was wondering if the original poster could come up with any of them

Thank you. I heard a lot about the support from the community.

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