Is down?

Hello everybody,

As I explained in my previous question here, I’m trying to learn from many source as I can and I took a look at
It also seems to be 3 to 4 years old material, but I think that some of the contents should apply (or at least the principles) and now I’m not unfamiliar at all to elixir, so I could be able to adapt or distinguish what’s deprecated.

However, I noticed that the free previewable videos are not available anymore and also that it’s even impossible to subscribe or anything else since the main site all the stuffs seem related ( is also down.

Does anyone have more information on that?

The site itself is up. As for the recency of the info there, I am not versed.

I can not access any of the free videos as well, neither can I access dailydrip which seems to host the videoss.

Oh, indeed is down.

DailyDrip/ElixirSips/SmoothTerminal has been shut down. I got an email from them back in December :frowning:


DailyDrip had no new Elixir content for a very long time. I messaged with Josh back then and his life situation was kinda complicated which meant he had no time to care for the site and produce new content. I guess that’s still ongoing.

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