Is it possible add scheduler to beam on fly?

I read Doc Erlang and saw no reference to it anywhere. Can a new scheduler (cpu) be added to the running node ??

For increase performance

It’s pretty hard to understand your question because BEAM schedulers is already using all cores by default so for increased performance answer is no. If you mean something else like adding more cores to hardware or VM on the fly that is running the node without shutting down then I have no idea.

Yes my mean was adding cpu to vm on fly

for example ( i know this example not good )
but in postgresql can adding cpu on fly
If i not wrong

Are you talking about the cloud hosting where you can promote an instance to better specs?


Yes exactly

IMO the instance will just be rebooted. And then if you haven’t changed the BEAM’s config (how many schedulers) then it will pick up the new amount of CPUs and have more schedulers.

Are you looking for something else?

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