Is it possible to achieve multiple flags with sobelow?

I’m wondering if it’s possible to achieve something like mix sobelow --skip --config? From what I can tell the --config flags seems to override skip.

The problem is that I have a few specific Traversal.FileModule warnings that are safe so I want to tag them as such # sobelow_skip ["Traversal"]. But I want to set all XSS.Raw warnings as safe via the .sobelow-conf, these warnings are all safe but fairly pervasive through the app so I don’t want to tag sobelow_skip for each one.

With instances where one would want both is there a way to run sobelow with both flags?

I realized that once you have the .sobelow-conf file you enable all the flags you want in there by changing values to ‘true’, eg: skip: true then running mix sobelow --config.