Is it possible to disable the E-Mail notification system at creation time for authentication generated with mix.phx.gen.auth?

Hello there all,

In the remote case a web app does not need to confirm user created accounts.

Is it possible to disable the E-Mail notification facility added while using the authentication system generated by means of using mix phx.gen.auth?

Maybe I am missing a flag to be used with that generator? Passing --no-mailer flag to mix didn’t make the trick. I also took a look at some test cases for the auth generator with not luck finding a flag for the aforementioned purpose.

In a previous prototype I have manually disabled sending the emails once the authentication system is in place. So my question is related if is this the only way to do it at the time being?


Happy Weekend!


Sorry for a generic answer but mix phx.gen.auth is generating all the necessary code right inside your project and you can just remove the pieces that pertain to email?


Thank you @dimitarvp !!!