Is it possible to download Elixir & Phoenix docs as PDF or .mobi?

Is there any possibility to download the Elixir and Phoenix documentation as PDF (or maybe MOBI?)
I am traveling a lot by train and I do not always have connection to the internet, so It would be nice to have the docs always with me.


You can download the Elixir docs here and the Phoenix docs here.

Note these aren’t in PDF but are still viewable offline.


Also note that if you download the source code for any of those projects and run mix docs you’ll have a local copy of the docs.

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You can download any docs from hex using the mix fetch PACKAGE VERSION command and later open with the accompanying mix open PACKAGE VERSION.

To enhance on @benwilson512’s remark - ExDoc can also generate .epub documents with mix docs --format epub.


That’s so helpful!
Thank you so much.

Sorry to mention, but after trying to generate an epub…
And as seen on this link

The option should be formatter, like this

$ mix docs --formatter epub
Docs successfully generated.
View them at "doc/Phoenix-v1.3.0-rc.1.epub".

I would like to mention also that generating elixir’s epub is a little bit different.

As mentionned in the building documentation section from

You should

$ git clone 
$ git clone git://
$ cd ex_doc && ../elixir/bin/mix do deps.get, compile
$ cd ../elixir 

But before running make docs, You should edit Makefile like this


Now You can run

$ make docs
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No Make file was generated, should I create a makefile myself and what should be in there? thanks

Hello and welcome,

It has been 4 years and since, the procedure has changed.

You might try…

$ git clone
$ cd
$ mix deps.get
$ mix epub
Generated elixir_lang_guide app
Generated guide at "./elixir-getting-started-guide.epub"
Generated guide at "./meta-programming-in-elixir.epub"
Generated guide at "./mix-and-otp.epub"