Is it possible to have multiple user accounts with the Gigalixir CLI?

When using the gigalixir CLI it seems to only allow a single account login and stores the API key in ~/.netrc but is there a way to set multiple accounts on a single machine? Ideally based on the directory you’re working under? I couldn’t find anything in the documentation.

Trying to make sure I don’t mix up my personal and work accounts.


Unfortunately right now we only allow a single user account logged in at a time. What we recommend is to use gigalixir access:add so that your work apps can be managed by your personal account or vice versa. I can understand though if you don’t want to do that. In that case, perhaps you can use a docker container or VM to stay logged in to two accounts.


Good to know at least. Thank you.

Would you consider adding an option to the CLI program as to which file to use for its config/state? It can default to the current file if the CLI switch is omitted but it would also allow for people to have unlimited amount of profiles if it is specified.

I have no clue how hard could that be and I apologize – I don’t want to sound entitled! It just sounds like a good compromise at the moment but do correct me if I am wrong (which I likely am).