Is it possible to limit or chekc reslution of image being uploaded by file input?

Basically what the title says my code looks like this:

  <%= file_input f, :avatar, class: "form-control" %>

and in my schema I am doing this

field(:avatar, Userteam1Web.ChallengeGroupAvatar.Type)

|> cast_attachments(attrs, [:avatar])

I am using arc, should I only save the :thumb version of the picture? seems like having pictures with very high resolutions are causing some weird errors

Why not just transform the :original versions (or whatever you name) it as well to a capped maximum size?

yeah I tried to use :thumb and follow the documentation but didnt really seems to work, or you mean to just keep the original but somehow shrink that down?
But how?

The transform can run on any grouping, not just thumb, so you can transform the original itself to a max size (or some ‘screen’ group or something that resizes down if necessary). :slight_smile: