Is it possible to trust generated self-signed certificates on Ubuntu chrome/firefox ect.?

While on osx I was able to enable the local certs flag on chrome and add my self signed certs to my keychain and chrome would use my certs with out issue.

I wish I could say the same while trying to do the same on Ubuntu. In short I’m not sure whats the equivalent app for keychain on Ubuntu. Or if what I’m trying to do is even possible.

I’ve also tried to import the certs into chrome via the manage certs option in the settings but it refused to import the cert :man_shrugging:

Have any of you been able to get a locally signed cert to be trusted by your browsers while on Ubuntu?

And just for clarification I’m talking about the “not secure” warning you see after you ignore the invalid cert in chrome. I’m able to see a green trusted status for my certs on OSX via the way I described, looking for the same on Ubuntu.


I’m not a desktop Linux user myself, but I would look at mkcert’s README documentation under the headings Install -> Linux and Supported Root Stores to see how this community tool has implemented such support, or simply start using mkcert directly, because it’s a great tool. The certificates it generates are definitely viable for use anywhere you could use the artifacts of mix phx.gen.cert instead, because both use standard file formats for this subject.


Awesome advice thank you, will give that a short and report my findings.

Yeah buddy!, it was the missing CA that required I ran update-ca-certificates which was also failing because it needed root perms.

Once I was able to get the missing authority installed my already configured certs worked :partying_face: