Is it possible to use LiveView to create LiveBook Kinos?

I have started down the path of creating a Kino for rich data analysis on a DataFrame - something quite a bit richer than the Kino.DataTable.

The challenge is, the examples that i’m looking at use React for the interface. Coming from liveview this is quite the learning curve. Does anyone know if it’s possible to use liveview to create Kinos?

The custom Kinos require JavaScript for the client side, you can use any framework, but it’s not possible to use LiveView.


Maybe there is some upcoming work in this area!

In case you’re going the route of making this a SmartCell, I made a template for them: GitHub - acalejos/kino_smartcell_template: A template project for creating Elixir Livebook Smart Cells with Tailwind and Vite

You could also use this for normal Kino.JS. Just remove the smart cell relevant code.


Really cool stuff!! thank you! As of yesterday vite was new to me, it’s been about 8 years since i did react or front end :expressionless:

But this does help :slight_smile:

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Just wanted to thank you, i’ve started using this today and it’s excellent! it would have taken me months to work it all out.


Glad it helped! Thanks for letting me know!