Is Presence feature a kind of silver bullet?

Hi Folks!

I have a short question about user Presence. Is it OK to use special “presence” channel, for example “events:presence” in which all connected users will be joined, and track Presence for all of them in it?

If it will be about 100k user, or even more, (cause you know… actually we all working on facebook killer application :laughing:) I can limit outgoing events by intercepting them with some criteria, but it still be a huge amount of users simultaneously connected to same channel.

Is it OK to do it in this way? Or I should find another solution for this?

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Should work well, definitely do it!

/edit ignore my old stuff. Not had coffee before then yet. ^.^


Can you describe your requirements a bit more? Are planning on pushing all 100k presences down to each client? Obviously you don’t want to do that, so having a better idea of why you need a global user presence list would be helpful.


Thanks a lot for your responses!

The main idea is to be able to track user activity in application. Definitely it is not a good idea to push all this data to client, but it is a kind of handy approach to get all data on server side in one place.

I want to track activity of all my recent contacts (or all my friends, or all my… whatever), and I can separate their presence data before sending to client, so I will never send all presence data to client.