Is the book Programming Phoenix 1.4 expecting an update or sequel?

Quick question: Is the book Programming Phoenix >= 1.4 expecting an update or sequel, by chance?

If not, it will not stop me from getting the book, but was curious what to expect. Chapters on LiveView and hEEX would be nice.

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Not the end of the road, but working on writing code rather than prose right now :slight_smile:


One of the authors is writing “Programming Phoenix LiveView”


Thank you for the response.

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I see Programming Phoenix as the de facto Phoenix book just like how Agile Web Dev With Rails is seen as the Rails book… and that’s been getting updated for over a decade, so I’m sure we can expect similar for Programming Phoenix :003:

I am guessing Chris is waiting to add a few final touches to LiveView etc before feeling it’s worthwhile updating. You can read a few hints here: How We Got to LiveView · Fly :023:

Chris, I’m not sure if it would be feasible but I wonder if it might be worth considering putting a section or page up on the Phoenix site which acts as a short follow-up to the book? Perhaps it could include your thoughts on what (if anything) has been deprecated or changed since the book and where to go next to get ‘up to date’ (that could be links to specific docs or other books etc). I don’t think it has to be long but just enough to get people up to speed and confident that if they read the book they’re still on a recommended path that will help them reach the end goal of learning Phoenix :smiley: (Alternatively we could create a thread or wiki here if you prefer.)