Is there a Dicom library for Elixir/Erlang?

Hi, after searching a lot here, on Google and Github I couldn’t find any Dicom Library like PyDicom (Python) or DCMTK (C++) for Erlang/Elixir.

Does anyone know if someone is working on a library for this format?

Just manifesting interest in this topic too.
I found DICOM-rs from Enet4 in Rust for those who are curious, but I’m looking for something to do DICOM Networking.

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Hi @AUGERClement, as my primary concern was viewing Dicom Images (I’m building a Dicom Viewer using Elixir / Phoenix) I ended up building a nif from a C++ library I’ve built, using DCMTK.

For the network related stuff I also use DCMTK (for dicom servers) and PyDicom/PyNetDicom for scripting.

If you are still interested in Erlang/Elixir projects, I found GitHub - wolfpacs/wolfpacs: WolfPACS is an DICOM load balancer written in Erlang..

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