Is there a function to convert an IP address to a tuple, i.e. {127,0,0,1}?

Is there a standard function to convert an IP address, say, to a tuple,i.e. {127,0,0,1}?

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The Erlang standard libraries include one that will convert a charlist. Perhaps it will meet your needs.

iex(123)> :inet.parse_address ''
{:ok, {127, 0, 0, 1}}

:inet.parse_address/1 should do.

Sorry for not providing a link, for some reason I can’t get a link for it on mobile.

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Many thanks @gregvaughn.
It worked

Many thanks, @NobbZ, for the solution.

I have a question…
why does the below not work?

:inet.parse_address “”
{:error, :einval}

Because it is an Erlang function that does still only work on Erlang strings, aka charlists.

There has not been an update yet to allow for binary strings as well.

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Thank you, @NobbZ.
It is clear to me now.