Is there a good way to embed a phoenix app to another phoenix app?

Here’s the sample example.

json_corp_web embeds test_api.

HTML page shows well.

But js, CSS of json-corp(not test_api) is loaded on that page.

I have no idea how to use js, CSS of embedded phoenix application.

I want to embed many small projects in one root project to operate them on one machine easily, and split them for each machine when some projects grow up.

I succeeded in it.

It would be useful for others if you posted the solution here.


Nicd is right, I’ve been curious about how to do this. Maybe I could follow your breadcrumbs from the other thread but it would be great if this was broken down explicitly for others like me.

The commits below are the way I do this. I’m gonna write a post about this, but there are still some problems that should be solved yet(ex. merging package.json).