Is there a Heroku for Elixir?

We’re currently using Digital Ocean to do our deployment of a Phoenix app. We decided against Heroku because it doesn’t enable the kind of scalability that Erlang provides (Heroku dynos can’t talk to each other).

Is there a a good service out there yet that allows for easy, automated, scalable deployment (like Heroku) but is OTP-scale friendly?

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This was designed to be a Heroku for Elixir, with proper OTP handling and all unlike Heroku:

Internally it runs on the Google Cloud Infrastructure. It has a simple free tier too for testing.


I’m early on in deploying at They have a pretty good guide for getting started with Elixir, and their team is regularly in the Slack channel to help un-stick folks.


@markdev I’m the founder of in case you have any questions or issues. Happy to help you get started with a pull request too.


Thanks @jesse! Glad you created that service :slight_smile: