Is there a list of official Elixir User Groups, particularly for Malaysia?


I am not sure if this is the right place to place this question. Is there a listing of official Elixir User Groups (which has meetups, talks, knowledge sharing etc) around the world, particularly for Malaysia?


Hi Ramesh,

One of my friend is Elixir Enthusiast.
Yes, he is in Malaysia. located in Seremban.

He is on our Pune Elixir Telegram group and so I know him.
Please connect and I will share his Skype.

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Thanks Sandesh. I’m a newbie with Elixir and even interacting in forums like this. So please excuse me if I ask what did you mean by “connect”. Is there a button here which I could click and we could chat online?

If you click on a users name, it’ll take you to their profile. From there, in the top right you can click message, to send the a private message.


Thank you sir. :pray: