Is there a SonarCube plugin for Elixir?


Is there any sonarcube plugins available for the Elixir language?

You mean SonarQube? there’s unofficial/community plugin, specifically mention on other topic Elixir projects in SonarQube - #11 by adrienmo.

I just recently integrate elixir codebase with SonarQube, and that post help a lot with recent version of sonarqube.
with some caveat:

  1. you need to adjust a bit output of coveralls.xml: sed -i 's/file path="\//file path="/g' cover/excoveralls.xml
  2. you need to adjust a bit output of credo_sonarqube: sed -i 's/startLine": null/startLine": 1/g' credo_sonarqube.json