Is there a tool to dump phoenix pages to static html?

So I was wondering if anyone knew a simple tool/script to output (phoenix) html pages to static html?
It definitely doesn’t need to be in elixir, a simple browser tool is ok as well.

The reason I’m looking at elixir is that it’s a phoenix website, but I know that doesn’t really matter.

It’s quite a lot of pages, so not something I want to do manually.


GNU Wget specifically with -k and -r options? I’ve been using it for like 20 years on occasion to create mirrors of web sites in static versions.

If you control the app you could also write a plug that’d snapshot rendered pages to file.


wget is definitely an option.

Any hints on the plug?


wget -m -k -p is awesome. Thanks!


Creating a Mirror of a Website

To create a mirror of a website with wget, use the -m option. This will create a complete local copy of the website by following and downloading all internal links as well as the website resources (JavaScript, CSS, Images).

wget -m

If you want to use the downloaded website for local browsing, you will need to pass a few extra arguments to the command above.

wget -m -k -p

The -k option will cause wget to convert the links in the downloaded documents to make them suitable for local viewing. The -p option will tell wget to download all necessary files for displaying the HTML page


Ah my memory may have not served me well. -m -k -p yes, these are the options you want I think.

As of the Plug idea, I am not entirely sure if that’d work as plug or registering Cowboy response handler would be needed. But basically it’d be like “full page caching” in Rails, where the returned HTML is being saved to disk. I suspect you may need to use Plug.Conn.register_before_send/2 and capture and save the response to file before sending it to customer. Definitely this can be wonky and problematic.

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