Is there a way to pass Windows Credentials with HTTPoison?

I am relatively new to Elixir and trying to make a simple app that uses HTTPoison to grab data from an endpoint using HTTP Get. The site is under SSL with Windows Authentication. When I look at the examples I cannot find one on how to pass windows credentials. The examples I see are with Basic or JWT.

Is there a way to pass windows Credentials with HTTPPoison ? The endpoint is hosted on IIS in corporate intranet.


The magic words here are “kerberos” or “gssapi”. I don’t think there is an HTTP client that supports it. I found this old thing which might help you if you wanted to build one. I’d probably use a port or just shell out to curl, which can do it.


Thanks for the information. I have not used Elixir Ports, is that what you are referring to when you say use a port ? I will give Curl a try.