Is there a way to target the output of a given cell only for the user that triggered the cell evaluation?

Hello there all,

Today I was taking a look at LiveBook and it is an incredible tool for collaborative scenarios. My question is related to the possibility to only show the output for a given cell to the user that triggered the evaluation.

Say you have the following LiveBook containing a non-exhaustive test for one of the proposed Extudes (Études for Elixir)

If a given user X1 enters a solution for the exercise and hit the evaluation button in the cell 2 to run the test case, then all the other users will see the output. Is there a way to show results only for user X1?

I tried deploying the above LiveBook as an app, obtaining the same results.

Do you think disabling LiveBook editing (I am yet to find how to achieve it) for the users will prevent them to enter code in the cells?



Hey @calebjosue : )

For tutorial-like usage, where the user is supposed to edit the actual code, it is best if each user works on the notebook in a separate session. The session is collaborative, which is exactly why editing code by one user is visible to the other user, as are outputs.

Livebook is easy to install via the Desktop app, so you could provide learning material as a repository of notebooks. Then each user would have their own Livebook (however they prefer to install it) and follow the notebooks on their own.

Sidenote: there are ways to show different results to different users using Kino forms and frames, but this is primarily useful for building Livebook apps. When the code itself changes, then it is always shared.


Thank you very much for such detailed response, you are exactly right in the scenario you describe. I’ll take a look at the Desktop app, too!