Is there an alternative to phx.gen.html?

I always find myself doing the same makeover of the default scaffolding generated by mix phx.gen.html. This includes things like:

  • adding pagination to the index page
  • going back to the index page instead of the show page after create and update is done (that’s often more practical in real life applications)
  • adding search and ordering functionality to the index page
  • replacing English expressions with signs and icons (more concise and less things to translate to be international)
  • etc.

I believe others do the same facelifings over and over again on the generated code, just like me. Is there already a package that adds an alternative scaffolding to Phoenix that needs less rework? Or should I roll my own?

If the latter, what features would you like to see in an alternative version?

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You can actually put your own templates for the HTML generator in priv/templates/phx.gen.html – see