Is there an effort or consideration to making heex templates valid html with all of the functionality?

One of the biggest issues with specialized html/(insert lang) hybrids are that they require quite a bit of parsing either by the language creator or editor to enable comfortable development. Some editors don’t format it correctly (I admit I’m an emacs user so finding the perfect config to view heex is difficult), special parsing must be done to obtain the final valid html, and overall it doesn’t offer all editors opportunity to use what most know well (valid html) to allow the developer to make simple templates without special plugins. I have seen how recent versions of the templates introduce attributes (:if={} instead of data-if=“”) to elimitnate the need of doing things like for and if. I’m wondering if there is consideration to go the full mile and make the html templates completely valid html and eliminate the need of parsing the language specific blocks and tags that are invalid html.

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