Is there an Elixir Slack or Chat?

Hello everyone ! :slight_smile:

I’m learning Elixir and Phoenix on Udemy (sorry for the advertising), and in the Ruby community we have an Slack chat called “ParisRb”.

There is the same thing in Elixir/Phoenix ? Best : in french :smiley:

Thanks you !

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There is an Elixir Slack, but fullfrick Slack sucks…

No clue if it has a French section?

They all need to move to Discord though, or IRC, or both via a bridge… >.>

We have all of them as listed on





Thanks you ! :smiley:

Whooo![quote=“michalmuskala, post:3, topic:6862”]
#elixir-lang on Freenode IRC

Aww, freenode, one of the only servers I’m not always connected to. ^.^;

Has the community picked a preference between Slack and Discord? I prefer Discord myself because I am a gamer, but additionally, they are a language showcase for Elixir. Big props.

However, this does not matter if most of the influential supporters of Elixir are using the Slack channel.

I know I can use both, but these apps use a lot of memory resources. Rather go with the flow.

Just use the forum :lol:

Seriously tho, every conversation that takes place on the forum can potentially help hundreds if not thousands of people further down the line. It’s why people are saying things like…



I do. I agree. But, instant and interactive communication is a benefit as well.

Well, there is an official and public slack linked from official website, but no discord. So its obvious isn’t it?

Personally I do not like either and prefer IRC.

There is a link to the Discord channel on the sidebar on the official website.

For those that prefer Matrix, we also have a Matrix channel but it’s currently unofficial (run by me).

Oh, I haven’t seen it previously, but I seldomly do open :wink: Perhaps the last time I looked was even before the discord existed? I don’t know :wink:

The only official chat room is the IRC channel :slight_smile:

I do consider them all as official platforms, since all are linked from the official languages homepage and they are not marked as inofficial or community driven in any way.