Is there an open source todolist app in Unpoly?

I searched on Github and CodePen, but I failed to find something like that. For StimulusJs there are some todolist apps which are great for beginners. I’d love to see something like that for Unpoly.

Thank You!

( @marciol, @OvermindDL1, @triskweline )

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Honestly I just use google docs as my todolists so I’ve never looked… ^.^;

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Thank you for the reply!

I meant something created with Unpoly, like this, this, this and this for Stimuls. All of the four are different todolist apps in Stimulus. The forth one is StimulusJs + Rails. I want to read the source code of some project of that kind based on Unpoly.

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Well the thing about unpoly is that it doesn’t change the functionality, it progressively enhances, so you can quite literally take any normal phoenix project, add the unpoly js, and add even just a single attribute to a single element and you get, for example, a transitioning page when you click a link. It’s not a ‘framework’ like stimulus or so, rather it just makes server-sided generation “better” on the client, so if your site is already server managed and works entirely then you can just add a few unpoly things and it becomes ‘better’.

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I am learning unpoly too. I think we need a tutorial for dummies (like me).

Until now I have achieved the following using Phoenix. Having a table with some elements, I click the new link and a form appears in a modal. When I submit the form it adds the element at the end of the table. Without a full page reload!

I have plans to publish a simplified repo with the required steps and add more functionality as I learn more.


I think it’s doable, but it’s different purpose like OvermindDL1 said. Unpoly can do it in unidirectional data flow fashion (unfancy way of saying is just request-response).

It’s going to hit /todo/create on server, and then you can customize response for just that todo widget (Unpoly will only extract relevant html of specified selector; the target)

So it’s necessarily chatty than Stimulus (which it often deals with state in the DOMs and have more chances to POST back independently)

I do not think things can be more fancy than features built around link (<a>) in Unpoly

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