Is there any learning material that teaches Elixir from the outside in

All the books I’ve encountered start with learning the language, where as I would like to learn the system components patterns of use and then learn how to tie them together with the laguage.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Probably the closest thing to this would be It approaches things from a more fundamental system components perspective, builds more complex components, and thinks through the implications of their interaction.

However without a basic grasp of the language I’m not sure how useful the examples or concepts will be.

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I would start with Joe Armstrong’s Thesis It starts with discussion of the overall problem domain, the architectural model, and then introduces Erlang syntax.

Even if you chose to skim at that point and read something more Elixir-specific, it will provide a good architectural grounding of the core fault-tolerant, concurrent concepts.

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@JEG2 @redrapids 's book “Designing Elixir Systems with OTP” might be what you seek.

It’s eBook “beta” atm but already great IMO; and IIRC publishing on paper like next month.

EDIT: it labels itself toward intermediate/advanced so if you go in entirely unfamiliar with Erlang/Elixir it may be “rough sledding”.

I wonder if you actually mean the fundamental concurrency primitives that the BEAM implements - i.e. concurrency concepts rather than language syntax.

If so have a look at: Erlang Master Class 2: Concurrent Programming

Aside: Learn to Forget


Also there is a course called erlang express on erlang solutions YouTube channel

Thanks, this is good

Excellent, right on the money. many thanks.

Awesome!!! Right on the money. Thank you Ben.