Is there any multi-hospital or multi-clinic software developed in Elixir & Phoenix

Hi folks,I am looking for multi-hospital or multi-clinic management software. Software that is used by multiple hospitals or multiple clinics running off a centralised, single, multi-user instance.

The software needs to be developed using Elixir and Pheonix.

I am looking for scalability (100,000 users), robustness (99.99999% availability) or better, and functionality that suits my organisation (will be specified, its long “bleep” list).


LOL, do you have an RFP and a budget?

Yes I do.

I have a budget, but I need to buy a software that will last a few decades.

We have a product, but we need to understand your requirements or feature requests, so it would be better if we can connect for a demo and discuss the way forward.

Hi @Sammis,

I’ve worked almost a decade in the software medical field (at synedra GmbH). Now I don’t know your location and in which countries you want to deploy your software but there are a lot of specific protocol (DICOM, HL7, etc.) in the medical field. In europe you will have to follow EN ISO 9001 and EN ISO 13485 (need new certificate every 1-2 years).

Java and other well known languages have good packages covering these standards (DCMTK in C++ dcm4che in Java) but this is lacking in the Erlang/Elixir ecosystem.