Is there any Profiler/web-debug-toolbar for phoenix app?

I am new to Phoenix app devlopement,I would like to know if there is any profiler tool/web-debug-toolbar to check such as total queries running in the current page and total query time and total time takes to render the page , ajax calls?

There are a few tools depending upon your level of interest. Exometer is a tool that’ll let you roll your own basically, you can find lots of stuff in Google on examples of how to set it up (warning it’s not super easy). There’s also Beaker which is open sourced but isn’t very insightful (here’s my app Lastly if you’re willing pay some money, Appsignal recently started supporting elixir and their capabilities look to be extremely good, and easy to use. I have not yet actually used them yet unfortunately.

@mgwidmann thanks for your reply, I am from Symfony background which has profiler is very insightful for debugging,which doesn’t require any configuration or setup , i am expecting the same dev tool bar in Phoenix

There’s no out of the box system like that as far as I’m aware. This is still an area of active development in the Elixir community. I personally built an error aggregator myself which is functional but still in need of some primary features if you’re interested.

@mgwidmann thanks,but i am using mongodb_driver directly instead of mongodb_ecto bcoz my ecto version is 3 which is not currently supported by mongodb_ecto , Is flames will work with mongodb_driver ?

Scout released DevTrace, an in-browser profiler for Phoenix apps.

  1. Follow the scout_apm install instructions (you don’t need to download a customized config file).
  2. Enable DevTrace.

Controllers, views, templates, and Ecto queries are instrumented by default. Additional instrumentation can be added with custom instrumentation.


Really good, but y i can’t get executed queries time

Give ex_debug_toolbar a try. Among other things, it displays query timings:


I’m now using app.scss instead of app.css. This change has broken the debugger. Is there a way around this?

Just a nit pick, but your ecto version is 2.x. Ecto 3 is not out yet. You are talking about the phoenix_ecto package that is version 3.