Is there library similar to Tablib (python) to read tabular datasets in elixir?

Is there library similar to Tablib (python) to read tabular datasets in elixir?

Maybe this one: table | Hex


I have been using Explorer in LiveBooks (with Runtime Settings > Configure > Attached Node to a Phoenix instance which GETs and POSTs to Google Sheets).

For my use case, the phoenix/elixir code GETs (tabular) data from google spreadsheets. The attached LiveBook instance has elixir code which appends any new data to Explorer’s (polars) parquet format, which also stores to disk.

As necessary, other LiveBooks’ code processes said updated data, both in Explorer itself and Elixir. Frequently, derived data is written back to google spreadsheets.

Whilst I am an Elixir and Explorer newbie, after a couple of months of learning (from scratch), the business benefits I hoped for at the onset are starting to come through.

Of course, my use case might be far from yours, I don’t know tablib and I don’t have the experience to actually give you a recommendation.

But, and I hope you don’t mind, I am just as much taking this as an opportunity to give a big “thank you” to all those involved in getting this wonderful stuff out to us and say that, for me, Elixir Explorer is great!


What I was looking for is to read and write in a couple of common data formats. Reading and writing are two different use cases which happen in a complete different time frame. Like load data csv in to system and serialise into jsonb in postgres - allow user to take out data in common data format like csv or json, etc.

Thank you @dtew @Marcus