Is dead? - what is an industry standard alternative?

Replying to myself for posterity: don’t use this syslog URL. instead use

Yeah you should only see the ANSI stuff in the raw fields going forward.

Amazing! I just tried it out and it works great. I updated the docs and the UI, which will be deployed shortly.


It’s sad that Timber is kind of gone. But Vector is a cool project - I’m actually using it in my current project. I’m spoiled with structured logging, so I output JSON logs (handrolled Jason-based log formatter) to STDOUT and have Vector configured to pick it up from there and push it to Sematext (they have a free tier). I use Rollbar for error reporting (free tier).


If anyone is looking for an alternative since is shutting down. We recently switched to Logflare and are very happy with it so far. Even if it’s new, it feels more solid than timber.



Any step-by-step guides for setting up Logflare for a Gigalixir app?

None yet, you should just be able to add the log drain and you’ll be good to go. If you’d like us to parse more data from those you can use Ink to log JSON to stdout which will go through Gigalixir’s log drain, and then to Logflare. We’ll then parse that JSON on ingest so you can query it. Alternatively, you can setup our Logger backend. So you’d have Gigalixir’s log drain which is their router logs and stdout, and then your Elixir app logs coming straight to Logflare.