Issues with Bitbucket Pipeline after upgrading elixir

I’m using a Bitbucket pipeline for deployment, I recently changed the image so the pipeline uses elixir:1.11-pipeline. This is a custom docker image but it’s working in other projects. However, now the pipeline fails at mix deps.get with this error:

mix deps.get
* Getting scrivener_html (
** (Mix) Error fetching/updating Git repository: the "git" executable is not available in your PATH. Please install Git on this machine or pass --no-deps-check if you want to run a previously built application on a system without Git.

Other than the image (which works in other projects) I have changed anything in the build step:

    - step: &build-backend
        name: Backend | Build
          - mix deps.get
          - mix compile
          - elixir-build
          - elixir-deps
          - deps/**

Looks like this custom image is missing git?

I would have assumed so, but there is a RUN statement with: && apt-get install -y wget git curl build-essential g++ gcc make \.

To troubleshoot I built a dockerized version of my project locally and ran it with /bin/bash, I was able to run mix deps.get without any issue.

I’d love for someone to offer me a magic bullet solution, but I think this is going to be some really convoluted devopts thing that is specific to our tooling :person_shrugging:

Heh, yes, sounds like it.