Iterm2 suspends IEx session

I think Iterm2 is killing my iex session after a minute or so of inactivity.
This is bothersome because when working I get the

[33] + 54272 suspended iex

And have to restart the session several times to get anything done.

I already when to the setting Profile > Session > When Idle, send ASCII code every 30 secs.
But I still get the error. Has anybody else experienced this ?

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That looks like you accidentally pressed ctrl + z in your shell session, not from iTerm 2 in particular - does running fg as a command bring you back into the existing iex session?

hmm using fg does brinback the session

No I don’t have this problem, I’m using latest iterm2 3.3.7

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Not sure what caused it, I upgraded to the latest version and it stopped happening.