I've created a API only Phoenix framework boilerplate. Check it out on github factsfinder/phoenix_api

Hello everyone, I’ve created an API only phoenix boilerplate. You can check on github here: https://github.com/factsfinder/pheonix_api

I’ve come across elixir and Pheonix only an year ago. Decided to make a boilerplate out of my current side project’s phoenix api.

Hopefully it will be useful or save time of atleast one of ya.

Thanks and keep drinking elixir everyday :slight_smile:


I notice you’re using Backblaze instead of S3. Something I also wanted to look into, can you describe that process a bit more? Is it doing a direct upload to backblaze? Or does the file pass through the server?

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Sure. Using Backblaze cause b2 cloud storage is s3 compatible https://www.backblaze.com/b2/cloud-storage.html and 4 times cheaper than aws s3.

I’m not using any other server to upload files to backblaze. All the implementation is right there in the repo.

So I’m just using a combination of these libraries:

arc => https://github.com/stavro/arc
arc_ecto => https://github.com/stavro/arc_ecto

ex_aws => https://github.com/ex-aws/ex_aws
ex_aws_s3 => https://github.com/ex-aws/ex_aws_s3

Please note that in case of ex_aws and ex_aws_s3 I’m using forked versions that I made changes to support backblaze.
Here are forked ones that are being used right now.

Pls check the lib => api => uploads => image.exs file to get a much better idea.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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