J.h.o.s.w.h.o - José Helps Others, So We Help Others

First do you know what M.I.N.A.S.W.A.N. means? If so then you know whats coming next.

I feel like given how much @josevalim helps in our community possibly more so than anyone person that its time we immortalize him with his own acronym.

So I present to you - J.H.O.S.W.H.O or “José Helps Others, So We Help Others”

I know @josevalim is not the sole and only person who helped make elixir what it is but I feel its time that he deserves this.

Who’s with me?


just for the non ruby people: “Matz Is Nice So We Are Nice” - a mantra of the ruby community :slight_smile:

while I definitiely like the idea, what would be also exciting is having someone like _why doing weird cool stuff and make Elixir things playfully accessible to everyone (not only seasoned engineers) - but thats just some wish of mine, no way to make it happen somehow :slight_smile:


This is the part where “We Help Others”

@josevalim is doing the secrete sauce of learning, which is teaching.
In other words the best way to learn is to teach. It really is just that simple.

So if we are all in it to help others which is teaching, than what we are really doing is being better at learning. To be a good teacher you must be a good learner.

I’m not known for being the nicest person in the elixir community (sorry :neutral_face:, I’m a street rat cant’ always help that). I know a few of you would like me to just disappear. And yeah I’ve had my run in with a few
(:anchor: :whale: :wink:).

But every time I come to this forum I’m still put back by just how much I see @josevalim still helping people here including myself. Honestly seeing it restores my own will to do better. Be the change kind of thing, you know?


This is great :slight_smile:

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Great minds think alike! We have something similar in Mission Statement (see bits in bold)…


This is a truly commendable and fair initiative!

As English is not my first language and I’m fully aware that my pronunciation is far from perfect, I am very curious about how the acronym “J.H.O.S.W.H.O” would be pronounced.

I am particularly interested in a pronunciation that isn’t spelled out letter by letter, but rather pronounced as a single word in English.

I understand from ChatGPT that the exact pronunciation could vary based on regional accents and dialects. However, could there be something close to a consensus? What do you think of “Jay-Hoss-Whoa”? :slightly_smiling_face:


yeah it really does fit quite well.

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