JavaScript in a eex template inside a LiveView *parent*

Hello all, I have a parent LV which makes use of a _table.html.eex file which is shared code. In the view of this table, I have the following:

  def render("scripts.html", assigns) do
      <script type="text/javascript" src=#{
      Routes.static_path(assigns.conn, "/js/select_all.js")
    |> raw

And in the table, I have the following to trigger the JavaScript.
<th>Remove?<a id="ach-tx-select-all" href="#">(Toggle Select All)</a></th>

Remember, this table is embedded in a LiveView like so.

          <%= render AppWeb.View, "_table.html", ach_txs: @cards, table_type: :selectable_for_remove_from_group %>

Why doesn’t the select all trigger? It’s almost like it refreshes first. Is there something about timing I don’t know? I also added print statements to the JavaScript and the script is not loading.