Jellyfish Media Server - v0.2.0

Hello everyone! :wave:
I am thrilled to announce a new version of Jellyfish Media Server - v0.2.0! :tada:


  • Added RTSP component
  • Added support for converting RTSP to WebRTC
  • Added deployment tutorials - (experimental) and Cloud VPS
  • Added Jellyfish Dashboard and Simple React App tutorials
  • Moved server notifications to protobuffs
  • Moved peer messages to protobuffs
  • Added RoomCreated, RoomDeleted and HLSPlayable notifications
  • Added WebRTC metrics sent via WS
  • Added option to enforce video codec for a room
  • Limited number of HLS components to 1 per room
  • Added support for LL-HLS and made it configurable
  • Added support for clustering
  • Added Python Server SDK
  • Refactored env vars - added prefixes (JF_ , JF_WEBRTC_ , JF_METRICS_, JF_DIST_) and made some renaming. See the full list of current env vars here
  • Added JF_PORT, JF_IP, JF_METRICS_PORT and JF_METRICS_IP env variables
  • JF_SECRET_KEY_BASE is no longer required
  • Added basic Prometheus metrics
  • Made simulcast configurable
  • Enabled Voice Activity Detection
  • Added Grafana dashboard
  • Added some configuration logs at Jellyfish start
  • Bumped RTC Engine to 0.17
  • Added docker edge image
  • Updated docs and added docs versioning


  • Fixed docker volume permissions for Linux
  • Removed AUTH_SALT env variable and fixed JF_SECRET_KEY_BASE
  • Fixed default value of JF_TURN_LISTEN_IP for local development
  • Removed unused TLS TURN configuration
  • Fixed JF_TURN_TCP_PORT env variable
  • Fixed JF_PORT used in the example
  • Fixed HEALTHCHECK in Dockerfile
  • Moved to the ex_dtls NIF implementation
  • Added missing compositor-related libs in Dockerfile

Together with the new version of Jellyfish, we have released:

  • new documentation (now it’s versioned)
  • new versions of server SDKs (Elixir i Python)
  • new versions of client SDKs (TS i React)

We are still working on updating our mobile SDK (Android, iOS and React Native).

We also deprecated Membrane Videoroom. Now, we focus on Jellyroom, which is a copy of Membrane Videoroom but based on the Jellyfish.