Jenkins_junit_exporter for prometheus

Hi all,

currently i’m working on this project: GitHub - MalloZup/kubeojo: Health Analytics for testsuites with elixir and d3js (inspired by CHAOSS)

I have found out that i could easy convert the junits tests-results to prometheus metrics with GitHub - deadtrickster/prometheus.ex: Elixir client

The goal can be that for a Jenkins server, we could use our “ex-jenkins-junit-prometheus” exporter for publish metrics about tests.

The exporter could be on a docker container, and would need only access to the jenkins instance.
We will have then metrics about only jobs configured via yaml or special file.

This metrics could be then visualised in grafana dashboard

I think if i have enough people interested to work on it we could sync and hack together on a opensource project.
At moment it was only an idea that i had “en passant” coding another project, maybe it can give you inspiration for other cool projects

Feel free to contact me in PM or here!
:blush: ciao

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any progress on this idea ? i am willing to work.