Job Oppurtunity at Derivco Sports, Barcelona

My names Lydia and I am one of the Talent Acquisition team members for Derivco Sports. You are probably wondering who Derivco sports are?

Well, we are a software development house that focuses only using great tech to make our product bigger and better every day. We are the great minds behind the Betway sports betting app, focusing to expand the product all over the globe which is why we need someone like you to join our team.

We are looking for Developers and Team Leads to join our team in Barcelona. The successful candidates should have experience using technologies such as Ruby, Erlang, Elixir or Golang. This is a fantastic opportunity for those looking to gain experience using Elixir as we are big advocates for pair programming and continual learning.

In return we offer all employees a great range of benefits to make sure they can achieve a good work life balance. These benefits include daily free lunches, health insurance, pension scheme and one day a week remote working option.

Our salary ranges from 30,000- 75,000 euros per annum depending on the ability and skills you have.

If you are interested in this offer you probably want to know how the recruitment process works. This starts by having a call with myself so we can make sure you have all the information you want. Then we ask for you to complete a short technical assessment which is sent to you via email and completed at your convenience. Finally, a face to face interview with the team to make sure everyone is happy. We think this is a simple but very effective way to make sure we find the right people!

We would love to hear from you with any questions you have about this role or anything else regarding our company! Please contact me on my email:

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