Json_formatter - A JSON code formatter for mix format

I created a package called json_formatter. It’s integrated with mix format plugin to format JSON file and ~J (Thanks to jason version 1.3). The library is now published on hex.pm (json_formatter | Hex). :slight_smile:

If you have some idea on improvement or found a bug. Feel free to create an issue on the repo



I think the name is bit misleading as the package is not a JSON formatter itself but a wrapper. It would mention the word “task” in the name.

Maybe json_formatter_task.

In my opinion, the word plugin would suitable for this case. Like the surface_formatter library use the word Plugin in the module that extended behavior from Mix.Tasks.Format also. :slight_smile:

Or maybe we just change the plugin module to JsonFormatter.Plugin to represents a plugin for mix format and keep the library name as it’s.

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