(Junior or Senior) Software Developer - Cologne, Germany

About us

My name: Klaus Lönze
My position: CTO
Company name: sourc-e GmbH
Website: sourc-e.com
Country: Germany

We are a funded and growing B2B startup which helps companies source marketing related goods – initially specialized in print we are currently expanding our offerings for our clients. Apart from running a print product pricing and order brokerage API we are also in the process of carrying out various highly customized IT projects with large companies in Europe.

Our backend tech stack is Elixir, Rust and Postgres, our servers are Linux. Our internal services and tools are usually either API-only or a combination of API and frontend, written in Elixir. Some of our customer-facing frontends are written in JavaScript (which we maintain), some in PHP (which we neither maintain nor administer). Since we’re currently growing, we can offer work on any part of our systems and software solutions and are open to personal models regarding working hours and remote work.

About the job

Job title: (Junior or Senior) Software Developer
Salary range: €60k - €100k (depending on area of work and experience)
Position on remote work: onsite or remote or a mixture, whichever is preferred
Contract type: either part-time or full-time, ranging from 60% to 100%

What would you be working on?

We’re offering work opportunities in various areas:

  • Maintaining the current state of and developing new functionality for our internal and external APIs and services.
  • Managing releases (deployment and monitoring) of said APIs and services.
  • Extending our internal infrastructure and tools which aid our company’s employees with handling growing operative demands.
  • Designing new as well as extending existing services to aid in the integration of Salesforce CRM in our internal workflow.
  • Porting of some special functionality from Elixir to Rust.
  • Porting of a JavaScript SPA released as an Electron app to a hosted solution, preferably in Elixir/Phoenix.

Which skills are we looking for?

Although we list most of the skills below as required, we happily offer to work out a training plan if you’re still interested in working with us but think your personal skills may not be a complete fit.

Programming languages

  • Advanced knowledge of and ideally professional experience with Elixir.
  • At least basic knowledge of SQL.
  • Good Knowledge of Rust (not required).
  • Knowledge of Bash Scripting (not required).

Software development

  • Several years of professional experience in designing and programming productive backends.
  • Professional experience in designing and programming productive HTTP APIs.
  • Reliable handling of Git.
  • Experience with the Phoenix Framework (not required).
  • Experience in developing employee-facing application frontends in HTML/CSS (not required).
  • Experience with GitLab CI/CD (not required).
  • Experience with JSON Schema / OpenAPI (not required).

Deployment and operation of production environments

If you are interested in working with a stronger focus on DevOps, we are looking for good knowledge of and experience in the following:

  • Linux server administration
  • PostgreSQL server administration and scaling
  • Monitoring solutions
  • Ansible (not required)
  • GitLab CI/CD (not required)

About the interview process

Simply send me a direct message on this forum or an email to klaus.loenze@[company_domain] with a bit of info about yourself and we figure out whether and how we get to know each other better. There’s no standardized process.


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