Junior/Principal Elixir Developers at Dscout (Remote/Chicago, US)

About us

My name: Parker Selbert
My position: Principal Developer
Company name: Dscout
Website: dscout.com
Country: US
Company info and history (how you’re using Elixir etc):

Our web platform is built on a Elixir backend tied together by GraphQL APIs. We make heavy use of PostgreSQL for our storage needs and we host our platform on Heroku. Another core part of our offering are two mobile apps - iOS and Android - that are written in Swift and Kotlin respectively. We also employ WebRTC, Twilio, and WebSockets for live video streaming and use Python for NLP and media processing.

A few more tech details and challenges we deal with:

  • Our platform relies on a mature GraphQL API built on Absinthe
  • We are a video heavy platform with complex video processing and property based testing for verification (we combine multiple video streams, including screen shares, and we do picture-in-picture generation)
  • dscout Live, our realtime video interview product, utilizes WebRTC via Twilio and supports multiple participants
  • Research survey design involves skip and knockout logic and we verify question flow using graph traversal approach
  • Exporting gigabytes of video data can be a challenge - we use streaming archive generation
  • We use collaborative workspaces through Phoenix channels and presence
  • We make heavy use of background job workflows to compose media processing, for ML models, payments, data ingestion, etc and we rely on Oban for the heavy lifting

About the job

Job title: Junior / Principal
Job description: Backend focused Elixir Developer
Salary range: Negotiable
Position on remote work: Remote
Qualifications or experience required: Foundational understanding of Elixir, and hopefully OTP / BEAM.
What the successful job applicant will be working on:

We’re looking for Principal Software Engineers with Elixir experience to help us evolve our platform and our engineering practices. You’ve worked in product development as an engineer for 10+ years, creating and launching new technologies and products across the full stack. You’ve previously held Principal, Staff, or equivalent scope engineering roles (titles aren’t important) where you were responsible for evolving the platform along both product and technical (performance/scalability, security/compliance, DevOps, etc) axis.

You have experience leading technical org improvements and mentoring other devs (collaboration and empathy is a cornerstone of our culture). You feel at home setting your own direction and working with minimal input while staying aligned to the overall org goals.

Our team is growing but we’re are not a big company. We work collaboratively, move fast (we deploy to production many times a day), and we value technical quality. We’d be looking to you to lead our continued growth and the evolution of our tech. If this sounds exciting, we’d love to hear from you!

About the interview process

Applications will undergo a phone screen followed by a technical interview, a small take-home project with a review, and finally a behavioral interview to asses team fit.

Further info