Just deployed my latest SaaS, a Reddit lead generation platform, built in six weeks, looking for beta users / feedback

Hey folks,

Hopefully this is allowed. I have literally just deployed to production my SaaS earlier today: an AI-assisted lead generation tool for Reddit. Built in Phoenix LiveView, with a sprinkle of ChatGPT and Claude.

Thanks to using Petal Pro, I was able to build it in just six weeks (after building Persumi.com in three months).

Here’s the landing page: https://rizz.farm/

Would love your feedback. And if you’re an indie hacker or marketer working on your SaaS, I think this tool could really help you find your users. :slight_smile:

In exchange for your time (and hopefully feedback), I’ve created a coupon that would give you 90% off for three months: REDDITPROMO

Thank you all! Happy to answer any questions.

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