Keen_loki_logger - Elixir Logger Backend for Grafana Loki

Original LokiLogger hasn’t been updated since 2019, there were few forks that pushed it a bit forward, each in a different aspect, so I collected these changes, and hanging pull requests, and put them all together in one new library called keen_loki_logger.

It is also enhanced by new configuration options that are necessary in corporate environment, like ability to add custom CA certificates to the Mint http library.

We use it in DHL, so I don’t expect it to die.

Why would you need this library? In our case it’s because of how difficult it is to setup environments properly in big corporate companies.
It’s much easier for us to just add this logger backend than have a promtail or Grafana Agent set up.
If you’ve ever worked for big companies, you must know what I’m talking about.

Give it a try, let me know.