Keep list of entries during

I am trying to update a field in a map if a previous map in a list has the same editor_id.

My function is,

defp mark_duplicate_editor_entries(entry_list) do
    seen_editors = [], fn entry ->
      case Enum.member?(seen_editors, entry.editor_id) do
        true ->
          %{entry | duplicate_editor: true}

        false ->
          seen_editors = seen_editors ++ [entry.editor_id]

The (probably very obvious) issue is that I cannot update seen_editors from within the

Where am I going wrong or what’s the alternative?

You can use reduce and keep your list in the acc also take a look at dedup with a callback

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When looking for “is something true for the next/prev item” you can always look at and using the same list with the first/last element striped as second list.

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I hope this code does what you want :slight_smile:

  Enum.map_reduce(entry_list, [], fn entry, seen_editors ->
    if entry.editor_id in seend_editors do
      {%{entry | duplicate_editor: true}, seen_editors}
      {entry, [entry.editor_id | seen_editors]}

Thanks @fuelen, that’s perfect, got me back on track.