Kernel pid terminated, App crash randomly


After almost 9 month running the service without any problem , suddenly the app crashes randomly with error :

 {'Kernel pid terminated',application_controller,shutdown}

There is not so much useful details in the crash.dump file and I Cannot find the problem, any help would be appreciated.

here is the source code of the app:

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It still should contain very needed information though, any chance of posting it?

Thanks for reply

Here is the crash dump file :

Unfortunately the app crashes almost twice per day , I checked the memory usage and os load but everything was normal at the time of crash .

Any Erlang or Elixir upgrades in the meantime?

No, I didn’t touch the server for almost 9 month and suddenly this happened, the problem is Unfortunately I have no clear crash log to debug or a new update that at least I can referrer it to the problem .

@OvermindDL1 @dimitarvp

I don’t know if this helps, but exactly before crash the memory increased, but not so much.

here is the charts picture :

I am not willing to connect your app to my GH and Twitter credentials while testing locally so not sure how I could help further.

Since your app seems to rely on 3rd party APIs this is where I’d first put some extra logging – to catch them misbehaving and store some more details on what gets wrong in there (if the problem is in there at all).

Or, if I have gotten that wrong, I’d inspect and log the external form parameters coming to the webhooks . After all, the outside world is about the only thing that can contribute to sudden crashes if your code stayed the same for a long time.