Keyboard, Mouse and Joystick events in Elixir

Hey, I would like to write a simple console game that allows bind specific keys to game controls, so I would like to catch next key event for any of Keyboard, Mouse or Joystick device without require pressing enter key and without sending that key to standard output. I don’t found a helpful method in IO module. Is there any library that could help me with it?

How about esdl2?

@wmnnd: Will I have a problem with mixing it with Elixir methods, because:

No support for UTF-8 strings, only Latin-1

for example for player name is a little bad. :slight_smile:
btw. This project looks like to have lots of TODO's, but it’s a Week-end project and last active (I mean last commit) was about 1 month ago.
Did you tried it? Is it stable enough?

Update: ok, I see that at least one PR fixes segmentation fault bug and lots of things are still not implemented. If I’m going to use it I need to wait for a first stable release.