Kia11y, an Elixir client for AccessLint Service

I’ve just released Kia11y, an Elixir client for AccessLint Service (an Elixir app). Use them together to easily check for Accessibility issues on your web pages.

Now the long story: I was researching for open source solutions to check for A11Y issues on web pages, and found the excellent AccessLint tools. AccessLint wraps the axe-core Accessibility Engine.

You can just include accesslint-js on your web pages and have nice warnings on your JS console; or you can install accesslint-cli and check from your command - it uses PhantomJS for that.

I wanted to use this in conjunction with spiders and be able to check URLs from Elixir, but instead of adding such a heavy dependency as PhantomJS to my main app, I wrote AccessLint Service so you can have it as a web service.

And finally, to make it easier to integrate, I wrote the Kia11y client for it.

Give it a try and let me know how it works for you! Right now the main issue is that PhantomJS can crash if overloaded, leaving the whole server in an unstable state, that’s why the server has a simple rate limiter built in.