[Kino] assets_path in custom Kino.JS module cannot find assets

I’m trying to write a custom Kino.JS module to interface with a bunch of JS packages of mine. However, whenever I try to use assets_path with Kino.JS, it tells me it cannot find any asset files:

warning: assets directory specified for MyModule, but no files found in "/lib/assets"

Here is a MRE:


defmodule MyModule do
  @moduledoc false

  use Kino.JS, assets_path: "/lib/assets" # <- rel & abs paths don't work either

  def new(s) do
    Kino.JS.new(__MODULE__, s)


export function init(ctx, s) {
  ctx.root.innerHTML = s

I have tried relative paths, absolute pahts and, finally, I looked into a couple Kino integrations and gave lib a shot, but it doesn’t work either.

Am I missing something very obvious?


After checking out the assets-related functions in the Kino.JS’s source code, I came to the conclusion the problem was on my side. After trying a few things out, I realized all my paths were wrong and pointing to nothing. In fact, the following works:

use Kino.JS, assets_path: Path.expand("./lib/assets")