KinoK8sTerm - A Livebook Smart Cell rendering a terminal to connect to a Kubernetes Pod

KinoK8sTerm is a Kino/Smart Cell using k8s and Xterm.js to render a web terminal to connect to a Kubernetes pod. It’s very fresh and still a bit bumpy as it lacks error handling.

Just hit the “Run in Livebook” button on the Readme to try it.


I have just released kino_k8s onto It includes kino_k8s_term (that repo is now archived) and a few more smart cells to create, get, list, watch modify resources. The Kino aims to help people who want to start using the k8s library.

The smart cell which renders the terminal can now be used to open a shell but also to print logs of a running pod.

To try it out, just install the kino and start with the “Cluster Connection” Smart Cell:

Mix.install([{:kino_k8s, "~> 1.0"}])

Any feedback is welcome.

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Just published release 1.1.0 with nicer result rendering:

  • K8s.Conn is rendered as Kino.Tree
  • Resources are rendered as Kino.Markdown
  • Resource lists are rendered as Kino.Tree

Version 1.2.0 just went out.

  • Added support (i.e. fixed the UI) for for non-admin connections
  • Basic integration test using Playwright (I want to be able to automerge those JS dependency updates)